3 Days in Kiruna

Our Christmas present from the Palmqvist family was a trip to Kiruna, in northern Sweden. During our visit which was three days, the amount of actual sunlight was only approximately thirty minutes. It started to get light on the horizon around 8:00-9:00am and visibly light until about 2:00pm but the sun never quite made it fully over the horizon. The month of January is dark 24 hours a day.

We also were lucky enough to visit the Ice Hotel. The original Ice Hotel was founded in 1989. It’s an art exhibition and hotel made of natural ice and snow. They usually have around 65 rooms divided into deluxe suits, art suites, ice rooms, snow rooms and group rooms. The IceHotel is rather pricey to stay at but if you can afford it, do it.

The best experience of the entire trip for me was dog sledding. About 12 dogs pulling a sled through the dark, cold, Swedish woods was pretty magical. We even got a chance driving the sled.