Swedens Colors

The flag of Sweden is a gold cross that extends to the edges of a blue flag. The blue represents truth, loyalty, and justice, and the yellow symbolizes generosity. The Swedish cross is said to have come from Eric the Holy, who was king of Sweden. He said that he saw the gold cross in the sky. The cross is a symbol of Christianity, used to express the religious history of the nation and its early leaders.

I have found that the gold and blue represent Sweden perfectly. Since I've been here all I've seen (when its not grey) is bright golden sunlight and blue sky's and that's just fall and winter. I can definitely see how once you have almost 24 hours of sunlight how these colors would be even more present. This time of year the sun remains very low on the horizon, this makes the light very warm in color temperature for the entire time the sun is up. The sunlight may be limited this time of year but at least it makes up for it by being gorgeous and golden for the time that it is out. It's a photographers dream light, colorful and dramatic.