Our Story

Robert A. Cole Photography is owned and operated by Robert A. Cole (Photographer) and Marie-Louise Palmqvist "M" (Coordinator).

Robert spent the summer of 2013 mountain biking across the USA. He started in Portland, ME and biked to Portland, OR. In the middle of his trip he met Marie-Louise as she spent her summer wrangling horses right outside of Yellowstone in Wyoming.

What should have been a four day stop for Robert turned out to be a 17-day stop where he hung out, rode horses and helped out at the ranch. After a full summer in the mountains Marie-Louise attended the university in Sweden and both Robert and Marie-Louise started flying back and forth between USA and Sweden to see each other. For the last three years it's been a lot of flying back and forth. Visiting different towns, cities and countries, spending most summers working in the States at a few high-end hospitality ranches, both in Montana and Wyoming.

Marie-Louise graduated with a Service Management degree 2016 and could finally move to beautiful South Lake Tahoe with Robert. That is also when Robert A. Cole Photography became an official business.


This is Robert

I was born in South Lake Tahoe, CA, but spent a number of years in Nashville, TN. My love for the mountains and overall beauty of the High Sierras eventually brought me back to Tahoe. 

Growing up both in Nashville and Tahoe, I've always had a very strong creative, scientific and adventurous side to me. Drumming, photographing, exercising and going out on adventures is what I love to do. When I'm not photographing or processing photos I'll be either behind my drums or out on skis, a bike or on a hike. Nothing makes me feel better then being out on some kind of adventure up in the mountains.

My goal as a photographer has always been to capture meaningful moments that accurately portray the essence of being in a particular place in time. My drive to create allows me to find beauty in everyday life. A fine attention to detail and light is something on which I pride myself and always aim to express in my work.


This is Marie-Louise

My full name is Marie-Louise but everyone calls me "M" and you can call me that too! I was born and brought up just outside of Stockholm in Sweden but have now moved to the USA full time.

Growing up I was all about horseback riding and I spent as much time as I could in the stables with my friends. If I was not in the stable I was probably out in the woods working and playing with our dog.

Planning and organizing has always been my thing. Whether it is planning activities in school, organizing national kid-camps or starting/managing a business. I've always enjoyed having projects on my plate and working towards a goal. 

While Robert will be the one taking your photos odds are that I'll be the one coordinating your session and answering your questions.